The Requirements to make a new Building Permit, Site Plan and Blue Print

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I am selling my old house and the transaction is actually going on. Since the house was built in 1980s the developer cannot provide us with a blue print.

On the other hand, the buyer ( a property agent) is requesting for the blue print. They are planning to renovate the house and according to the information I got, if they are going to renovate the house they will have to make a new IMB, Site Plan and Blue Print.  Therefore, I don’t see the necessity to provide them the old blue print.

However, their argument is that they need the old IMB, Site Plan and Blue Print  when making the new IMB, Site Plan and Blue Print.

Our Answer:

We cannot provide detailed explanation on your query since it is related to the regional regulations. Every local government has their own set of rules. However, based on our experiences, most of the time, the government officials will request the old documents. The principle document is the IMB. That is always be requested. The blue print is always included in the IMB as the picture of the building.